15 good reasons to work in the construction industry.?


Above all, it means choosing the security of a manager, of a structured position with a career mapped out. The major construction groups recruit many young graduates, particularly building engineers, civil engineers, electricity, thanks to particularly active employer image communication within the Grandes Ecoles. Many recruitment firms are on the hunt for the recruitment of confirmed and future managers.

BTS/DUT profiles are not to be outdone and benefit from the difficulties of recruiting certain executive positions after several years of experience. The cap, bep, professional baccalaureate profiles often go through the interim box. These companies are well known to professionals in the market but also to the general public through the numerous construction sites where they display their brand. These are the companies Vinci, Bouygues, Eiffage, Fayat etc which shine in France but also throughout the world.

Choosing a large company: A balance between private life and professional life

These developing companies are very solid multinational structures sheltered from the vagaries of the economy. You are guaranteed a position for your entire career! Beyond specific day-to-day tasks, you may have the opportunity to be expatriated to a distant country with an economic boom such as Brazil or China. Career development is not only possible but encouraged, with internal training paid for by the company.

Of course, the hierarchy remains important and you will have little contact with the leaders of the group. On the other hand, you will be able to create interesting links with your line manager and the work team with which you will collaborate every day. In large companies, working hours are often precise with a badge system that records your working time in the company. This is an operation close to an administration, however, allowing a better balance between professional and personal life with the family.

With the development of telework, the pace of work takes on a new dimension with new technologies, which allow you to work differently and often more efficiently.

Choosing a VSE / SME: A facilitated dialogue

The choice of the VSE and the SME is above all to promote proximity between the employees but also the managers of the company. Simplicity in the mode of operation is often acclaimed by executive or non-executive employees who wish to work in a company on a human scale where everyone knows each other and knows precisely what is the role of each one, his position to move the company forward. .Who says fewer employees says fewer hierarchical relationships and more dialogue. Teamwork is organized naturally without cumbersome processes found in large groups.

Choose a VSE / SME: A valued job

Working in a VSE/SME is also a way of learning and gaining experience more quickly and thus being entrusted with responsibilities sometimes beyond the diplomas acquired. The result of your work will have immediate and visible repercussions on the success of the mission and the evolution of the company, which is very rewarding.

Unlike a large company in the construction sector, your involvement will be significant and in proportion you will work more than in a large group which most often offers fixed hours. Indeed, you will have to make yourself available at unusual times.

With fewer employees, it is more difficult to meet the deadlines without overflowing into a classic working time called “office”. Unfortunately, this does not always affect the payroll because a small company has less ease in terms of cash flow and simply financially.

Small or large companies, all facing covid 19?

The Covid-19 shock has indeed been harsh for the French economy. The two sectors that have suffered the most, in addition to catering, are tourism and construction. Today, the Ile de France Chamber of Commerce is betting, for example, on the resumption of work on Greater Paris and the Olympic Games to boost a recovery which is still very slow. Throughout France, projects have been slowed down and are gradually picking up.

The construction sector is still faced with significant organizational difficulties, especially when it is necessary to have employees work in confined environments such as tunnels, or even transport them to their place of work, while respecting social distancing.

As you have understood, working in a large group or a VSE / SME in the construction sector is a personal choice with advantages and disadvantages which nevertheless deserve to be considered before signing the employment contract. So make the right choice, and find out before you resign.

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