5 Undercounter Washbasin Ideas for Your Bathroom Space


When remodelling your bathroom space, paying attention to each detail is essential to get the desired outcome; the washbasins are no exception. One element that stands out is the under-counter washbasin, which has gained popularity owing to its contemporary and sleek design. They are the perfect addition to any modern bathroom. Besides being a functional space, your chosen design also plays an essential role in defining your bathroom space.

Washbasin Ideas

Thankfully, now you can choose from a plethora of designs to enhance the overall functionality and look of the space. So, if you are ready for a bathroom makeover, here are some tips for choosing a washbasin design, followed by five innovative and elegant under counter washbasin ideas to add a stylish element and spruce up your bath and vanity space.

Tips for Choosing a Wash Basin

As mentioned earlier, washbasin is essential to any bathroom décor. However, choosing the right one poses many challenges. You would want to ensure that it matches the existing style of your bathroom while also providing sufficient space for grooming and washing, and it should be easy to clean, too. Here are more tips on how to select an innovative undercounter washbasin design for your bathroom makeover:

1. Consider the size of your bathroom and the area you have to work with. This evaluation will help you choose the washbasin size best suits your needs.

2. Look into washbasin layouts that include cabinets. These layouts offer additional storage options for your bathroom in addition to helping you make the most of your available space.

3. Check out the latest washbasin models available. These sometimes include extra features, including built-in overflow prevention or creative designs.

4. Look for a washbasin style that complements the decor of your bathroom. Many different styles are available, such as modern, classic, and minimalist, so you may select one that matches your interests.

5. Assess how well the washbasin’s design works. Ensure the basin has an easy-to-clean surface and a depth appropriate for washing and grooming requirements.

5 Trending Undercounter Washbasin Designs to Consider

If you’re contemplating the construction of a new bathroom, it’s advisable to begin contemplating your bathroom sink as an early step. If you have yet to peruse bathroom fixtures recently, you may be pleasantly surprised to discover the extensive array of choices available. These five undercounter washbasin ideas for bathrooms underscore this point and demonstrate the many options awaiting your consideration.

Minimalistic Elegance

Minimalism is now a trending concept as it adds a touch of elegance to any home space while being simple. So, if you’re a minimalist lover, choose a rectangular, simple undercounter washbasin that comes in high-quality porcelain or ceramic.

This design offers a timeless appeal and clean lines that can complement any bathroom style, enabling you to focus on other essential bathroom elements like mirrors, faucets, lighting, etc., to create a well-balanced and harmonious bathroom aesthetic.

Double Vanity

A double vanity sink provides two sinks within a single bathroom. It is highly advantageous for family bathrooms or master suites, offering couples the convenience of their own basin spaces. This feature is commonly found in upscale apartments and boutique hotels worldwide, making it a compelling choice to contemplate if you have space.

Undermount Sinks

Installing an under-mount sink is considered more intricate than other sink types. While it offers aesthetic appeal and ease of cleaning, it is typically advisable to enlist the services of a bathroom professional for its installation. Under-mount sinks contribute to a seamless and minimalist look for your bathroom countertops, enhancing the overall style.

Sleek and Modern

Consider undercounter washbasins with geometric designs and metallic elements for a sleek, modern appearance. Often, these washbasins have sharp edges and metallic coatings like brushed nickel or chrome. They will wow your visitors when combined with a contemporary faucet and complementary accessories to provide a coherent, modern bathroom decor.

Customizable Creativity

A customised undercounter washbasin could be just what you’re searching for. Numerous manufacturers allow you to alter the washbasin’s size, shape, colour and even where it is situated in your bathroom. Thanks to this level of personalisation, you may design a washbasin that completely complements your area and personal tastes. Whether you choose a round basin or a more abstract form, the options are unlimited.


A significant part of bathroom design involves choosing the appropriate undercounter washbasin. The choices above provide a variety of designs and materials to accommodate different preferences and interests.

Some options may turn your bathroom into an opulent and useful hideaway, whether you want a minimalist style, the natural beauty of stone, a sleek and modern design, customisation, or the usefulness of a double washbasin. Explore these options carefully, then pick the one that best reflects your overall bathroom design philosophy.

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