A modular outdoor kitchen: what can’t be missing?


The modular kitchen is a very popular solution for furnishing your exterior thanks to its versatility and its relatively limited investment in terms of space and budget.

In our blog we have already mentioned the different ideas for setting up a summer kitchen , whether modular or permanent, covered or not.

In this article, we will explore the potential of the fitted outdoor kitchen by focusing on the different possible configurations to combine the modules according to your desires.

We’ll start by looking at the appliances needed for your summer kitchen, whether it’s cooking equipment or other tools.

We will then discuss the subject of kitchen layout which must meet some important requirements to make the most of any type of customization.

We will therefore see how to choose the right tools according to your needs, both in terms of performance (what you want to cook and how) and to fully enjoy your outdoors.

Finally, we will conclude by mentioning the possibilities offered by the range of Alfa outdoor ovens which undoubtedly includes the ideal appliance to meet your needs. Our products not only allow you to cook like a chef, but they are also very easy to use and stylish enough to richly decorate your summer kitchen.

The components of the modular outdoor kitchen

Let’s start with the different elements of the modular kitchen. This type of solution allows you to make your outdoor space more versatile than that of permanent kitchens by combining independent modules according to your needs and desires.

This configuration also makes it possible to set up an outdoor kitchen area with generally less investment than that of permanent summer kitchens, especially if they are equipped with roofs.

Indeed, you can set up your kitchen with just a few essential appliances (a cooking appliance, sink and countertop) and then add other components as you go.

As mentioned in the introduction, let’s now describe the main elements of the outdoor modular kitchen.

For convenience, we have divided them into two categories:

Cooking equipment.

Other devices.

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Let’s see the elements that make up the two groups.

 Cooking equipment

The first group is for cooking tools, that is, the outdoor cooking essentials that define the types of preparations you will be making in your outdoor space.

Talking about the differences between fuels , we have seen that for cooking outdoors, wood-fired ovens are generally better , due to the lower installation constraints, the reduction of smoke-related problems and because they are often absent in the kitchen of the house.

However, outdoor gas models are gaining momentum as they are easier to use and clean than wood-fired ovens.

The cooking appliances that are part of an outdoor kitchen are normally the following:

The oven

The grill


Here are their characteristics

The oven

The oven is the standard appliance for outdoor kitchens, especially the wood-fired model for the reasons mentioned above.

The wood oven is really the top in the kitchen because it offers excellent performance and it can cook any dish, provided you develop some skill in handling the fire.

There are many options when it comes to installing a wood-fired model ,  the first being to choose betweentraditional refractory ovens and more innovative stainless steel ones. In the second category, we may preferpermanently installed or portable ovens, or even hybrid models.

Alfa hybrid ovens give you the choice of using wood or gas every time.  They work thanks to the Hybrid Kit ,  a special cover for the gas burner that allows the oven to be operated by burning wood.

This makes cooking easier by having a more versatile appliance because you will be able to choose the fuel not only according to its availability in your municipality and its price, but also to experience the differences in taste depending on whether you cook with wood or gas. .

The ease of moving the mobile ovens and the dual power supply are major assets that make Alfa models the perfect products for setting up a truly stunning modular outdoor kitchen.

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