Plan your new kitchen well


When planning the kitchen, bargains can be expensive. Clarification of needs and the choice of competent service providers save a lot of inconvenience during the “new kitchen” project.

Plan your new kitchen

Clarification of needs and the choice of competent service providers save a lot of inconvenience.

The first steps towards the new kitchen

Start early: the “new kitchen” project takes time. If you count four months for the planning phase, two for the realization, it quickly passes six months before the new kitchen is installed.

Clarify your needs: write down your wishes and requirements for the new kitchen as well as the advantages and disadvantages. In this way, you consciously examine the various possibilities.

Planning the new kitchen

If the kitchen plan is drawn, the dishwasher should be planned next to the waste bin unit as this is where the plumbing connections are also located. In existing buildings, sanitary adaptations are only possible to a certain extent, since the sink can usually only be offset by a maximum of two meters.

A vast work plan succeeds the element for trash can.

Next comes the plan of

should be placed in the center if possible because, together with the hob and the sink, it is one of the three most used elements in the kitchen.

Conveniently, the oven and the dishwasher should be placed high up, which requires an additional high cupboard.

Summary: Planning a new kitchen involves trade-offs as you have to weigh the pros and cons of optical, practical and financial aspects.


Insurance for building technology in the kitchen

With the technical building insurance GVB Tech, damage to fixed technical installations such as cookers and pressure cookers are fully insured.

2 tips for designing the new kitchen

It is not always easy to define your own style and taste. Get information on the Internet, go to cooking exhibitions, ask questions of friends and acquaintances and read specialized magazines. This gives you good examples of color combinations and layouts. But be careful: don’t be dazzled by stylish show kitchens which are above all beautiful, but not practical.

different, the elements are better highlighted, and the kitchen seems more serene. Utensils, such as the coffee machine or a fruit bowl, make it livelier. The color gives a more relaxed atmosphere to the room. You don’t have to be very daring for this: if a wall is painted in the desired color, it can easily be redecorated later.

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Potential partners for the new kitchen

The project must be entrusted to an expert, at the latest at the time of detailed planning. This expert can be an architect, a kitchen planning office or a kitchen manufacturer.

The kitchen manufacturer plans the kitchen with the products, materials, colors and elements he has available. Planning by a kitchen manufacturer is usually free and without obligation. It is recommended to get two or three offers.

A kitchen planning office plans the kitchen together with the client and obtains offers from the kitchen manufacturers. The kitchen planning office supervises the transformation from A to Z and provides a price guarantee covering additional costs.

An architectural office takes care of the kitchen transformation and additional renovations in and out of the house. The architect carries out the work on request as a general contractor.

3 tips for choosing a kitchen partner

Trust is a sine qua non for choosing the kitchen partner. This is established from the consultation meeting when the kitchen manufacturer, the design office for kitchen planning or the architect takes the time and listens to the wishes of the customers.

Quality: For drawer fronts and drawer runners, you can compare furniture models from different kitchen manufacturers. The quality of the assembly is just as important. However, this can only be seen in reference objects.

The price offered by the kitchen manufacturers can only be compared if the offer relates to the same version of the front and the covering and the interior equipment such as the corner solutions, the number of drawers and the models of device are the same. It is only necessary to compare the net price and not the reductions granted. If you collaborate with a kitchen consulting firm or architects, they bring them back to a common denominator to allow them to be compared. It is advisable to be careful if one is pushed to sign during the first council or if one is lured by reductions.

Reading advice for the end

So that the choice of sanitary appliances does not remain a mystery, the Swiss and Liechtenstein association for building technology suissetec has published a

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