Tips for creating a real urban jungle at home


The Urban Jungle trend makes us crack. We give you all the keys to create an urban jungle at home thanks to these pieces.

Can’t imagine yourself at home without a good dose of greenery? This new trend is made for you. All terraces and balconies deserve to be decorated with these plants , linens and furniture , to create a veritable botanical garden from which you won’t want to leave.

Adopt an urban jungle in 3 steps

1.  Fill your home with life

Did you know that plants and the color green directly affect your mood? They are able to bring you an immediate feeling of “cocoon”, in addition to giving you vitality and optimism.

Choose plants of different sizes, hanging plants, potted plants, plants with flowers (and even without). The key is to mix and create different heights and moods. Discover here all our design planters.

2.  Mix them with furniture and natural materials

The Urban Jungle style goes perfectly with pieces of furniture made of natural materials such as rattan, wicker, bamboo or even wood.

A word of advice: the Taimi cement coffee table is a must-have this year! Did you know she even has a container for plants (or even a champagne bucket)?

Don’t forget the details, add lighting pieces and planters made of durable materials.

Our advice is to fill your house with 70-80% furniture and decorative accessories and reserve the remaining 10-20% for plants. Perfect balance guaranteed!

3.  We add the green touch

If you like this style but don’t dare to fill your house with plants, we have the perfect solution. You can add green in small touches and let your imagination run wild. Add a botanical touch with the Tropic wallpaper , the Lyn painting or the cushions and other patterned household linen items. If you are one of those people who do not have time to take care of plants but the idea seduced you, discover our selection of artificial plants . If you don’t say they’re artificial…we won’t say anything either.

No matter how obsessed you are with this style, join the Instagram trend and create your own urban jungle at home.

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