4 Myths You Should Know When Selecting Wallpapers


When thinking about renovating your home, your walls are often a priority. This is because the wall décor plays a crucial role in the overall look of your home. The wallpaper helps give your room an elegant and attractive look. In addition, you can customize it to portray your personality and add design. With most modern homes having wallpaper murals, many myths and misconceptions about them can discourage you from buying and installing them. You must have the correct information about its usage and designs to ensure you have the correct wallpaper. This article aims to expose the myth you should know when selecting wallpapers.

Myth 1. The More Colorful Your Room is, the Better

Selecting Wallpapers

Everybody has different preferences when it comes to colors and textures. When your room is more colorful, it will look better. There are many wallpapers available that can help make your room bright. If you have kids, you can consider nursery wallpaper or other colorful wallpapers since the kids love colors. However, avoid being colorful if the room you decorate does not belong to kids. Different colors in every room will make your room overwhelming, especially with brighter colors. Having too bright colors will only make your eyes tired. When choosing your wallpaper, consider a maximum of 2 designs for every room.

Myth 2. All Wallpapers in the Wallpaper Book Can Fit all Your Décor

When it’s your first time buying wallpaper, you might think a random wallpaper in the wallpaper book will fit and match your décor. A sample book is always available to give ideas for different designs. If you need world map wallpaper murals, you need to know the overall décor theme to ensure you have the most suitable for your wall. Many factors can help you decide on the color and design of your wallpaper. The wallpaper designs books are designed to grab your attention at first glance. So without proper consideration, you might choose the wrong wallpaper, with is an expensive mistake. Before you browse the sample books, ensure you know how you want your room to look.

Myth 3. You Can Choose a Wallpaper without Considering the Texture

This is a myth that most people without experience believe. The texture of your wallpaper has a significant overall impact on how your wall will look. If you purchase the nature wallpaper, you need to ensure the texture reflects the depth of the design. It makes the wallpaper look ravishing when under the light. When you have a great texture, your wallpaper can reflect the light, giving your room a fantastic look.

Myth 4. You Should Go For Wallpaper Based on Price

When making a purchasing decision, most people often base it depending on the price tag. It is wrong if you don’t consider other crucial aspects of the wallpaper, such as the texture and pattern. It is essential to be prepared financially since the initial installation cost is always high. However, if it’s of high quality, it will serve you for more than ten years compared to regular paint. Cheap wallpapers are often low quality, which you need to replace often.

Final Words

These are common myths that most people think to be true when selecting a wallpaper. Researching and getting an idea of the wallpaper you want is essential to avoid confusion in the wallpaper book.

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