5 good reasons to do a big spring cleaning!


The arrival of spring is accompanied for most of us by a renewed dynamism. Everything happens as if our bodies were in unison with nature and we feel like coming back to life after months spent near the fire. And then, an urge to do a big spring cleaning can take hold of you. Also, do not hesitate because it is a practice that has many virtues. Here are 5 good reasons to do a big spring cleaning at home.

The big spring cleaning, what is it exactly?

Spring cleaning is generally associated with a more or less long list of tasks:

  • Ventilate all rooms;
  • Flip the mattresses;
  • Wash the door handles, the doors themselves and the switches;
  • Dust or even wash curtains, cushions, blankets and rugs;
  • Dust the light fixtures;
  • Empty and clean the inside of the cupboards;
  • Clean household appliances (and the oven in particular);
  • Dust the air vents and radiators;

Clean the flue of the chimney or the stove (once you are sure that you will not relight a fire until the next cold weather).

If you have smoke detectors, it may also be an opportunity to change the batteries because they must be changed once a year. Also check the working order of your fire extinguisher if you have one.

Good reason number 1: Carry out a deep cleaning of your fireplace

The great spring cleaning is a cleaning in order which allows to eliminate in depth the dust and the dirt which accumulated during the winter. It differs from weekly cleaning. During this one, you only carry out the tasks that your schedule allows you to do.

Spring cleaning requires blocking a large period of time, much longer than that corresponding to the usual maintenance cleaning. It undeniably takes time to explore and clean up areas that are abandoned the rest of the year, and possibly flush out piles of dust that had settled in throughout the cold season.

If you pay close attention to regular kitchen cleaning, you won’t necessarily have a lot of time to spend on it. However, there may be two things you don’t often think about: cleaning the cooker hood filters and checking the edges of all your knives to sharpen them if necessary. Avoid sorting your dry food stocks according to “best before” dates, since they will always be consumable without risk to your health, and you will avoid waste.

Good reason number 2: Makeover your living room

The living room being a room where we meet and where we spend a lot of time, it can quickly become cluttered. Some will feel the need to move the furniture and change the general configuration to prepare for long summer evenings and adapt to the opening of the fireplace to the outside. The big spring cleaning is also an opportunity to empty the living room of a certain number of things that are only used in winter and, why not, to purify the decoration.

Vacuuming the sofa is a surprising exercise as you can discover things that had disappeared simply because they had slipped between the elements of the seat. Crumb reservoirs can be discovered and removed. If your sofa is made of leather, this major annual cleaning can be an opportunity to apply a nourishing treatment that will restore its suppleness and shine.

Good reason number 3: Declutter closets

By visiting the corners of his home during the big spring cleaning, we will finally methodically empty his house of all these useless things that clutter us, especially clothes. Depending on the space available, this is an opportunity to fill the most accessible shelves with spring and summer clothes, autumn and winter clothes can be stored in boxes while waiting for the next frost .

If you don’t know how to declutter your closets, start by emptying them entirely. To see clearly, you need to have a good overview. This will allow you, if necessary, to reorganize the contents of your cupboards in a clean and organized way. Then you proceed to a methodical sorting: a pile for the clothes you want to keep, another for those you are sure you want to get rid of, and a last one which is that of hesitation, for all those clothes for which you still have a crush even though you no longer wear them. From there, you will be able to carefully store the first stack. Once this is done, you will dedicate yourself to the last pile and arbitrate: when did you last wear this item of clothing, why are you attached to it, could you convert it? etc You can absolutely give yourself a period of reflection. Do not immediately put away with the others those you have saved from the third pile: there is indeed a good chance that your positions will change a month later and that you will finally want to get rid of them.

Good reason number 4: Make a gesture for the planet or for people in need

You have several options to settle the fate of clothes you no longer want. Because nowadays, it is no longer a question of blindly throwing these clothes in the dumpster. You have the possibility to sort these clothes according to the interest they represent:

If your still fashionable clothes are in good condition and even if they belong to a fashion that is certainly past but which is coming back to life, you can consider reselling them, to individuals or to thrift stores;

If your clothes are in good condition, you can absolutely offer them to relatives or associations. Winter coats and sweaters are sought after to clothe people in need. Also, you can choose to donate your clothes to Emmaüs, Secours Populaire, the Red Cross, etc.;

You can also deposit your clothes in terminals dedicated to recycling. Take care to follow the packaging recommendations for your deposit.

Good reason number 5: Join a new dynamic

This fifth good reason to do a big spring cleaning is the psychic consequence of deep cleaning and decluttering. Surprisingly, emptying the cupboards lightens the mind, improves daily serenity and calms the mind.

In addition to decluttering the cupboards, emptying your home of the unnecessary declutters the mind and helps boost your morale to the point that you can make new resolutions and be part of a new dynamic for the rest of the year. .

If you have decided to sell clothes, you can spend the sum of money earned by this means in such a way as to symbolically mark this new momentum that you wish to develop.

Big spring cleaning: how not to give up?

You can make a list of what you want to do in each room. However, in the face of it, weariness and discouragement can win you over. However, do not let yourself be overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task of a major spring cleaning. It is better to do a little than not at all.

You still get some benefits, even if you do not go to the end of what an “ideal” spring cleaning could represent. Moreover, what prevents you from distributing the completion of your tasks over time? You can dedicate a full day to actions that seem to require the most energy or the most time and postpone the completion of less important tasks to shorter times, added to your weekly cleaning.

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